We know, we know. More ‘mums’ trying to load you with conflicting information about parenting. We’ve both been there… you are somewhere in the deep dark depths of the first few hours, days, weeks, months or hell, even years of parenthood. You have spent a good third of your time since becoming ‘mum’ or ‘dad’ online watching YouTube how-tos, reading blogs, Facebook comments, news articles, product reviews, product recalls and the occasional Stanford medical journal. ‘Is my son’s hair too curly?’ or ‘Should my 4 month old daughter be fluent in French already even though no one speaks to her in French?’ are questions that come up in your Google search history.

Tino is the best

What is different about these two mums you say. Well, from first glance, maybe not much. Natalie is half Australian and half Chinese (with a hint of Irish and English), so can totally rock socks and sandals and still be en-flique. S-J is English with a hint of Polish so that’s exotic, right?! Ok, maybe not the English bit but at least you can be sure that we have the ability to work on rainy days too.

We met at our Mothers’ Group on the Northern Beaches just one month after our girls were born. The occasional knowing nod or empathetic look during the group sessions was enough to know we would probably survive a coffee/playdate ‘just us’ even when none of the other wonderful ladies in our group were available. Though that may seem like a silly thing to acknowledge, for those of you who join us on the shy end of the spectrum you will understand what it is like to strike up a new friendship from scratch and especially when you are potentially in one of the most vulnerable times of your life.


Over our coffee/playdates we found that we share lots of passions:

Food – We both like to eat!

Travel – We both love to be immersed in new cultures

Coffee – We are both mums. Need we say more?

Wine – See above.

Chocolate – See above again.

Business – Just without the suits.

Beach – What’s not to love about sandy butt cracks and salty hair?

Photography – Unsurprisingly not much spare time for this these days

Art – We love teaching the girls about some of our faves like Frida Khalo

Baking – When we have the time. So basically never then if we are being real.

Sports & Exercise – This might be slightly outdated since having kids but something we definitely, absolutely, categorically, 100% will get back to 5 x a week one day. Right?!

Farmers markets – Supporting the local farmers and craftspeople has become a weekly ritual for the 4 of us where we sip coffee, quietly eat acai bowls and put the world to rights while the girls run around angelically in the fields.

Ok ok, anyone that has a toddler and has taken them to the market knows this is a completely inaccurate and impossible representation….

In reality it looks more like this: Whoever gets there first orders the coffees (obviously). We then race to the bagel guy to get the mini cinnamon and raisin bagels before the hungry toddler rage (hanger) sets in. We still end up reluctantly sharing most of our breakfast with the girls after the bagels have been demolished. We chase them out of the public toilets infinite times which apparently is the most exciting place in the world. We wrestle random bits of rubbish and stray food off them whilst teaching them to be gentle with the poor unsuspecting doggies that get tied up nearby. It all ends with downing our cold coffees before rushing round the stalls to grab whatever yumminess we are going to work our magic on that weekend and finally heading home feeling like it is already the end of the day when in fact it is only 10:30.

The last and most important passion we share:

The environment – A general conversation around the increased difficulties of living an environmentally friendly life as a family led to talking further about our journeys to using modern cloth nappies (MCNs).

We both agreed that starting our cloth nappy journeys wasn’t as easy as we had hoped and although there are lots of great websites out there we jokingly floated the idea that based on our experiences we should create one place where you can find all you need.

From there we both thought a little longer and a little harder about the potential and decided to start with some research. Lots of research.

Both of us have longed to start our own companies and felt very strongly that whatever the business might be it had to contribute to the greater good for both the earth and our families so MCNs felt like the perfect place to start. The long term goal is to provide a full range of support from physical, emotional, social and educational to help families join us in making the best choices we can with the resources we have. Cue; Fern & Willow.

Ultimately yes then, we still might appear to just be your regular run-of-the-mill women cruising (ok, crawling) through the wonder that is motherhood but we are putting ourselves out there to all of you in order to do our bit and make a positive difference in the world.

We are real. We are flawed. We are simply doing our best.

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